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                              New Prime Allegiance

Welcome to New Prime Allegiance where we treat each others like Brothers and Sisters but more especially as family. The New Prime Allegiance was made by 4-Members that had the same goal and took this chance to make it happen, New Prime Allegiance is a Democratic Guild that is leaded by 12-Council Members.The Main Reason This clan was made is for the upcoming Star Wars:The Old Republic Game since we are a Clan/Guild hoping to be the very best in this Galaxy to face the Sith and help the Civilians once and for all.The New Prime Allegiance is a Pvp/Pve/Rp Styles Guild and are a Republic Guild facing the sith with the Small Army we have.

The New Prime Allegiance  is a Developed Guild that requires Loyal and Brave Members to fight together or alone and gain what they deserve.New Prime Allegiance  is a Fun Community for those that are Mature and Loyal to Chill/Relax around and chill out and have a great time.If you wish to join you are always Welcome to visit us and Chat with us in our Chat-Room page. 

                    Wanna Join New Prime Allegiance ?

If you want to join the New Prime Allegiance then first you must Read the Rules carefully and follow them while your in Chat/Forums.When you have done that New Prime Allegiance will tell you the 2-Ways you may become a Fully Pledged member of NPA,One Way is by sending a Application to Tracyn Orade ( or to Daxter Keyes ( your Name,Class,Specialisation,Previous Guild,Reason you want to join NPA and if you have any Suggestions to NPA which is optional.The Other Way is by clicking where it says Join NPA which you will have the Application information there,Then you will need to Sign In to the site or Register whenever you can do so.After you have done that you will become a 5-Day Trial Member until you become Active in our Chat/Forum and show Respect to Superiors and Kindness.After you have done all that then you may be a Full Member of New Prime Allegiance.

Advantages of joining?

The New Prime Allegiance is a all  Republic Faction Classes based guild that takes Mandalorians,Jedis (Knight&Consular),Troopers,Smugglers. They are the best there is and the best there will ever will be.the following things we can offer you are:

 - A safe Community to be with your family and friends

- A experienced guild that will help you with any problems
 - A Clan that hears your opinions at all cause
 - A Clan strictly for Mature people when know when to stop
- A Clan based for all Republic Faction Classes there is

 If you have any problems or need help,ask a Owner or a Moderator in private message or in chat and they will help you when you need it.This is a Community that treats all as Brothers and Sisters and those that disobey that will be permanently out of our Clan until proven worthy to come back.


Recruitment - Open


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